Sonima Foundation Study Results: No Benefit

The Sonima and William Lynch Foundations are funded by multimillionaires and are the primary sponsors of all University of San Diego CEPAL research on Yoga in the classroom.  Sonima, is founded by the New York Hedge Fund billionaire couple of Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones.

Studies have failed to show any improvement in key student areas such as attendance, fitness, health, academics,  behavior or emotional well-being. With some evidence more yoga led to worse performance.

“The Sonima Foundation commissioned the Center for Education Policy and Law (CEPAL) at the University of San Diego to conduct a three-year study of EUSD’s yoga program. CEPAL published two full reports analyzing data collected during 2012-2013.[i] The CEPAL study failed to support the hypothesis that all-year yoga students (at five EUSD schools) would perform better than half-year yoga students (at four control-group EUSD schools) in measures of fitness, behavior, attendance, academic performance, or emotional well-being. In fact, in some measures it shows the opposite, that full-year yoga students did worse than half-year yoga students.” 

 [i] CEPAL, Yoga in Public Schools: Evidence from the Encinitas Union School District’s Yoga Program 2012-2013, January 30, 2014), retrieved June 1, 2016,; CEPAL, Implementing Yoga in Public Schools: Evidence from the Encinitas Union School District’s Pilot Yoga Program 2012-2013, November 8, 2013, retrieved June 1, 2016,


Despite this, several school districts have been implementing their programs at taxpayers expense.