Scott Himelstein’s $1,000,000 Payday for Rigging Pro Yoga Research

Over the past several year’s Unversity of San Diego’s Scott Himelstein received nearly a million dollar pay day secretly paid to his quizi shell corporation “Chandler Hill Research”.   Each year since 2012 the payments made by Billionaire couple Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones expanded.  As a result Himelstein crafted pro-yoga research at University of San Diego and hid the results indicating that Yoga not only did not help, but potentially adversely impacted children in Encinitas schools.

Recently, Superintendent Timothy Baird, known for hustling the city of Encinitas out of nearly $10 million on a property sale,  has proposed expanding the Yoga program at taxpayer expense.

Scott HImelstein, was essentially bribed near $1,000,000 to create favorable Yoga related research by the Sonima Foundation