Scott Himelstein: USD Research Director Financial Conflict

Scott Himelstein, is the University of San Diego Director of CEPAL and MTLD.  A long time profiteer and fake reformer, his pet projects of Ipad and Yoga have recently been implemented in San Diego County schools and funded by taxpayers.  Recently,  we uncovered that Himelstein’s research was comprised, by the nearly $1,000,000 in under the table payments he received from the Billionaire sponsor Sonima Foundation.  Payments to Himelstein.  It appears the entire research process at USD lacked independence and integrity, with violations of their own financial conflict of interest policies.

Himelstein has a troubling history of influencing educational policy through using the wallet of his wealthy backers such as the Willam Lynch Foundation, which he served as president, and the Sonima Foundation, which has was on the board.

Himelstein,  a pawn for the wealthy, carries out the school policy intentions of a few multi-millionaires in exchange for massive financial gain through complex and sneaky consulting arrangements.     Recent  San Marcos superintendent Ed Brand was forced to resign after officials found a calendar item “Check to Himelstein” marked the same day a Himelstein’s Yacht party.  By using these luxury toys owned by the likes of William Lynch, Himelstein has succeeded in injecting non-academic gimmicks such as Yoga and Ipads into school curriculums at the expense of taxpayers.  Himelstein also led another fake reform effort titled “San Diegans 4 Great Schools” a brazen attempt to kill democracy in School Boards.