Mission Estancia Elementary School: What Parents Must Pay For

Mission Estancia Elementary School

Mission Estancia

School Year 2015-16
Approximately $80k raised by parents (ME EEF) to pay for the following:

  • Science consultant
  • Music Consultant
  • Technology Consultant 
Rotations alternate every other week. So one week is 40″ of yoga, music, & science. The next week is 40″ each of yoga, technology, and library.
In addition to the money paid into the EEF, parents also contribute to PTA that pays for art, garden science, the media center, and educational programs such as Walk through the American Revolution & Gold Rush.
Class size –
 K-3rd: 22-25 children plus 1-3 special day class (SDC) children  for a portion of the day
Last year, my son’s class had (25) 1st graders, (3)SDC kids, and (3) 1st graders that were from the combo class. This was in addition to the loss of their 1st grade teacher, having numerous substitutes and then eventually a permanent substitute teacher.
4th-6th grade: 28-30 Children plus 1-3 special day class (SDC) children for a portion of the day