La Costa Heights Elementary School: What Parents Must Pay For

La Costa Heights

La Costa Heights Fundraising and Spending 2015 – 2016

Where does money come from?

LCH PTA raised approximately $163,000 from parents. We also received an anonymous grant to support our Leader In Me program (amount unknown to this author).

We also receive LCAP money from the state/district (about $30,000).

Who spends the money?

PTA spends money for PTA programs.

School Site Council (SSC) spends money for consultants and school related materials.

What is the money spent on?

PTA uses parent donations for:

Teacher support in the form of Teacher Mini Grants and Grade level grants

  1. Student support in the form of scholarships for field trips
  2. School wide programs like Arts Attack; Math 24; garden; walk and bike to school; abilities awareness; fall festival; wellness week; 6th grade promotion; running club; movie nights; and general PTA expenses.

SSC uses LCAP plus parent donations for:

Library  – $ 2,500/yr (in addition to EUSD funded portion). This adds an additional 2.5/hours to our librarian (which was cut from the budget a couple of years ago).

  • Instructional (reading/math) consultant – $25,000/yr – 2 staff/30 hrs week.  This position helps all the teachers with reading intervention, which not only helps the student who is receiving the tutoring, but also the class.
  • WHEEL CONSULTANTS  $90,000/year (3 staff/30 hrs week)
    • Science consultant – our children get 30 min of science as part of their “wheel”
    • VAPA/Music instructional assistant  – our children get 30 min of visual and performing arts education as part of their wheel.
    • PE instructional consultant –  our students get 30 min of PE time/once per week through the PE consultant and also receive PE through their classroom teachers.
  • After school homework support consultants – 2 staff/1 hour/four days week.   Students must be recommended for this support by their teachers, support is for those needing help with classwork after school.
  • Yoga was paid for by the district as a grant. The district only had minimal cost for the Health and Wellness program, they pay for the overall manager – Leslie Wright. Yoga is also part of the Wheel- alternates with PE.
  • SSC also pays for Playground Partners, Science Materials, Math Olympiad, Professional development for teachers, Instructional materials for students (eg Math 24, Learning Headquarters)— all from parent donations.

Wheel is a weekly two hour block of time for a grade level (i.e. 2nd grade). The children rotate through four enrichment classes while the teachers collaborate. The kids rotate through PE, yoga, VAPA, science – 30 min each.  If a child has opted out of yoga, they repeat PE during the rotation but during their second rotation of PE they are separated from the class doing PE and independently manage themselves through circuit training that is set up by the PE consultant.  But the PE consultant is teaching the regular PE rotation and does not have the time to make sure students are doing circuit exercises correctly.    LCH students get an additional day of yoga during the week.   So for example, 5th graders will have 2 hours of Wheel on Mondays, plus 40 minutes of yoga on Fridays.  (which gets them to the 200 min/every two weeks that has been required by EdCode)