Flora Vista Elementary School: What Parents Must Pay For

Flora Vista Elementary School

FV PTA/EEF raised approximately $110,000 from parents. We also received a $950 walk/bike to school grant.

We also receive LCAP money from the state/district and use this to help fund basic services. 2015-2016

we used a portion for the reading specialist and covered the total amount for our after school intervention program, Falcon Club.

PTA pays for programs and EEF pays for people (consultants).

PTA runs three types of programs:

1. Fundraisers – pledge drive; book fair; box tops for education; jog-a- thon; and magnet art.

2. Self-funded (if we collect money, it is meant just to cover the costs) – family campout; socials; and spirit wear.

3. Enrichment programs – the garden; Arts Attack (soon to be Arts Enrichment); Math 24; Flora

Vista Reads, Math Olympiad; Math, Science and Beyond; the spelling bee; recess equipment;scholarship needs; grade level mini-grants; traffic control; walk and bike to school; wellnessweek; 6 th grade promotion; movie nights; performing arts night; teacher grants and general PTA expenses.

EEF money is used for paying consultants. This year your students received:

 Library – $ 2,000/yr (in addition to EUSD funded portion). This allows our students to visit the library once a week and check out books.

 Science consultant – $24,000/yr – our children get 40 min of science as part of their “wheel”

 VAPA/Music instructional assistant – $18,000/yr – our children get 40 min of visual and performing arts education as part of their wheel.

 Reading/writing consultant – $22,000/yr – This position helps all the teachers with reading intervention, which not only helps the student who is receiving the tutoring, but also the class.

 PE instructional consultant – $15,000/yr – our students get 30 min of PE time/once per week through the PE consultant and also receive PE through their classroom teachers. Every class at

Flora Vista receives at minimum the 200 min/every 2 weeks that has been required by EdCode.

 Yoga was paid for by the district as a grant. The district only had minimal cost for the Health and Wellness program, they pay for the overall manager – Leslie Wright.

Wheel is a weekly two hour block of time for a grade level (i.e. 2 nd grade). The children rotate through three enrichment classes while the teachers collaborate. The kids rotate through yoga, VAPA, science – 40 min each.

This year, 2015-2016, we had approximately 432 students between 17 teachers. We adhered to the 24:1

ration in K-3 and the 31:1 ratio in 4-6. Here are the class sizes by grades:

K-3: 24, 22, 22, 23, 25, 24, 24, 22, 23, 24

4-6: 27, 28, 25, 31, 30, 29, 29

From 1996 to approximately 2009 CA state helped Flora Vista fund a limit of 20:1 in K-3.