Exploding Student Teacher Ratios at EUSD

Below please find the latest details on Elementary school class sizes within the Encinitas Union School District.  They continue to increase:


OPE  K-3rd: 20-25 students/class                       4th-6th: 27-31 students/class

OK    K-3rd: 18-22 students/class                       4th-6th: 29-31 students/class
PDL K-3rd: 19-23  students/class                       4th-6th: 28-30 students/class
PEC K-3rd: 23-25 students/class                        4th-6th: 27-31
FV: K-3rd: 22-25                                               4th-6th: 25-31
Capri: k-3rd: 21-25                                             4th-6th: 26-34
LCH:  k-3: 21-25                                                4th-6th: 30-31
ECC: k-3rd: 21-24                                               4th-6th: 29-31
**Based on enrollment as of April 19, 2016; based on school board minutes
Of note, the district averages k-3rd and 4th-6th for each school and for the district which makes numbers look better and does not take into account that kids from combo classes move classes or that their are special ed kids that integrate into mainstream.
Special Day Class is a special ed program where they integrate these students into the mainstream classroom for a portion of the day.