Encinitas School Board Complicit with Superintendent Baird’s Special Interests

Since 2014, the Encinitas School Board consisting of Emily Andrade, Carol Skiljan, Marla Strich, Gregg Sonkin and newly appointed Patricia Sinay has been complicit in approving pet special interest projects directed by Superintendent Baird.  Instead of representing the educational needs of the children, they failed both taxpayers and parents.  The board has nearly $100,000 on travel junkets also funded by Scott Himelstein and USD to exotic locations such as Istanbul Turkey.  Himelstein, a pawn of the Sonima Foundation, directs school policy in Encinitas schools by funding junkets and fake research via USD, an obvious conflict of interest.
Encinitas School Board Voting since 2013:
* Total number of matters on which board members voted during that period: 745
* Collective number of votes cast by all current board members during that period (Muir’s votes excluded, Sinay’s votes start Jan. 2015): 3,332
* Of the total # of votes cast, # that were “yes” votes: 3,332
* Of the total # of votes cast, # that were “no” votes: 0